Custom Homes

We Specialize in custom new homes under 200m2, We don’t believe in “As big as possible for as cheap as possible”. 

Rather, it is about what is functional for you and your family, the specific needs, tastes and styles that make it yours. Whether every area is built for purpose, or open plan with freedom to change the interior layout as desired, it’s really about customizing to make the Home YOURS.  We have a full design service, or we can quote plans you may already have completed.



We undertake renovation of all shapes and sizes. From adding on the family home to full interior and exterior remodels.

We have a full design service with preliminary costings to guide the design process and ensure that the completed design is feasible for your budget. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful design done, then heading to a builder for a quote and finding that the build cost is well above what was expected. Then having to begin the process of scaling it all back to meet budget.


Component Homes

Component homes are pre-designed and prefabricated individual components of a home,  built into cost effective - yet stylish - modules. Depending on your requirements, you can order these components and configure them to different layouts to achieve a beautiful home.  Each component is 23m2 and comes in layouts consisting of:

  • Master bedroom and ensuite unit

  • Kitchen and bathroom unit

  • Kitchen and lounge unit

  • 2 bedroom unit

  • open plan unit


Project Management

Project coordination and communication is key to a smooth running hassle free build process. We utilize our automated online project management system to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, ensuring all information is gathered and gets to everyone that needs it ahead of time.

We dislike problems and headaches more than you do! so we do our best to solve all problems before they become problems, taking the stress out of your build.