Home Renovations and Extensions

We undertake renovations of all sizes, from adding on the family home to full interior and exterior remodels.

We have a full design service with preliminary costings to guide the design process and ensure that the completed design is feasible for your budget. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful design done, then heading to a builder for a quote and finding that the build cost is well above what was expected and then beginning the painful and disheartening process of scaling it all back to meet budget.

Avoid this by starting out with an Expert Designer and a Professional Builder’s input right from the start.

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Who are Emerge design and build?

Joel Moore has been in the industry for 20 years, with experience in many areas of building, construction and project management.

Peter Moore Has been in the industry for 35 years as an Architectural Designer, delivering functional design to every project undertaken.

Thinking of a Home Renovation?

Emerge D&B believe renovations shouldn't be a hassle.


Renovations can be a tricky and testing undertaking.

We begin every project having a professional designer AND an experienced builder involved right from the start.

This means your project benefits from technical and practical design right from the get go, saving you time and $$$.

Emerge Design & Build like to make it easy.

If you need a bit information on the renovation process get in contact or schedule an appointment below.